Akumal, Yucutan, Mexico

From Akumal south, to Ascension Bay on the Riviera Maya there’s an abundance of fishing spots and entertainment. If you’re looking to take a family vacation and sneak in some fishing on the side, it’s the perfect spot.

You can catch lots of bonefish and tarpon while getting in plenty of quality time with the family. Akumal is a great central location, with lots of fishing hot spots and family activities within close proximity.

The small, serene town of Talum is just south of Akumal. It has many interesting places to take your family. You’ll find some of Mexico’s most well known Mayan ruins there.

South of Tulum is the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve. Covering about 20% of the state of Quintana Roo, it’s one of Mexico’s largest parks. And don’t forget about the Mayan fishing Village of Punta Allen. It’s only 5 blocks of sandy streets, yet has a number of fishing hot spots and fresh seafood markets.

Native Fish Species

Most local anglers love to target Bonefish in the waters of Akumal. Bonefish typically weigh under three pounds but can get bigger —especially near the ocean side flats. The tarpon are much bigger. They can weigh 30 plus pounds when you catch them in the lagoons. The large ones can get up to about 80 pounds. During the summer, you can target adult tarpon migrating along the reef.

There is an abundance of permit on the flats and beaches. Lures with crab and shrimp patterns work best. Snook are usually on the ocean side during winter months, and are found in the lakes year-round. Snooks can reach up to 30 pounds and fun to catch.

Also, Jack crevalle and barracuda lurk on the shores and the flats, mainly in areas holding sardines. If you see gulls and other ocean birds feeding, that typically means sardines are around. So look for them as an indicator
of where you should fish.

Best Places to Fish

The beaches and lagoon flats of Boca Paila offer some of the best fly fishing spots on the planet. There are plenty of lodges and guides on the way to Punta Allen. Guides and locals can show you the best way to fish individual areas in Akumal.

The most effective way to fish Ascension Bay is to rely on local advice from lodges like Pesca Maya or Casa Blanca. If you’re fishing Cancun, venture 40 miles northwest to the Isla Holbox to fish for tarpon. Ask for Mr. “Sandflea” Bega Cruz, the owner of the Holbox Tarpon Club. He will recommend the best tarpon fishing spots in Mexico.

Recommended Gear and Supplies

Your go-to gear for most every fishing spot is an 8 weight rod and floating line. For surf fishing, use an intermediate sink tip line. You can also use sink tip line while fishing deep cenotes in the lagoons. Cenotes are natural water filled sinkholes, formed by the collapse of limestone bedrock.

On the beaches, use bigger and heavier flies than you would on the flats. Try lead-headed spawning shrimp and mantis variations ranging —sizes 4 – 6. For the best results catching lake tarpon use dark flies such as Black Death or black and Purple combo colors. Use a fly with a strong silhouette as well —especially when the water is discolored by rain.

For great results in the lakes, use top water action with gurgler patterns. For flats use flies tied in tan, white and pink. They’ll bring the best results. We recommend Bonefish Candy, Pink Puff, Greg’s Flats Fly, and Clouser Minnows —size 6. You can also fish with spinning equipment and have lots of success.


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  1. Warren Franklin
    Warren Franklin says:

    I will be vacationing in the Talum area for the last two weeks of November. I belong to the Haig Brown Fly Fishing club on Vancouver Island and have several years of experimce on the rivers and ocean in the area. Can you give me the names a a guide to show me the way on the Yucatan? This will be my first trip. And can you tell where and what to order for fly patterns? I will being my own rod and equipment.


    Warren Franklin
    Sidney, BC

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