Why Should I Log My Catch Data?

You’re wondering why you should log your catch data, right? Concerned about privacy? Don’t want your favorite fishing hole to become “unfishable?” None of that is reason to worry, or not log your data because we take great care with the information you provide us.

Your privacy is important, so you can choose whether or not the specific location of the catches are made public. If you do give permission for the location to be public, then it may show up on a map. If not, then the model simply uses the data you provide about the type of location.

Why We Need Your Log Data?

The reason we ask you to log your catches is so that our predictive model can then better help you and others. You see, the more accurate data the model has in it, the better the predictions become. We could simply have the model create forecasts based on existing information we already collected, but that’s not as good.

When the model is constantly getting new, accurate information, it is better able to predict what kind of catches can be achieved, and where. That’s where your logs come in. Each time you submit a log filled with accurate data about your catch, it enhances the predictive model. The model crunches the numbers on catches and their locations and then predicts the possibility for a similar future outcome. Logging more means potentially catching more, for everyone involved.

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