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Lake Monroe is a 9,406 acre lake situated just about half way between Orlando and Daytona Beach. The lake is part of the St. Johns River chain bordering both Seminole County and the city of Sanford to the south as well as Volusia county to the north.

Public access is available at the south side of the lake at the intersection of the I-4 and 17/92 in Seminole county (Lake Monroe Wayside Park) as well as the north side of the lake in Volusia county off of Lake Shore Drive (Lake Monroe Boat Ramp). Numerous private / paid launches are also available, check out our map which includes details about both the public and private launches.

Fish Species

Black Crappie
The lake is known for quality size crappie and being a popular spot during the cooler months of the years. Crappie exceeding twelves inches and two pounds are not at all uncommon. Drifting or trolling near the river channel as well as off of the northwest shore near the power plant are popular options though schools of crappie can be found nearly anywhere on the lake. During the late winter and into early spring crappie tend to more inshore for spawning and seem to prefer the bulrush under the right water conditions and if the water depth suits.

Largemouth Bass
Lake Monroe contains very sparse vegetation meaning finding offshore underwater structures such as pilings, docks and other drop-offs are keys to success in terms of finding bass. In some cases bulush may yield results but the overall probability is low.

Bluegill & Redear Sunfish
Both bluegill and redear sunfish will spawn throughout the spring months as long as they can find vegetationa and a structure sufficient to support such activity. If fishing nearshore, try to fish earlier before the sun heats up the water and the fish swim out looking for cooler, deeper locations.